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Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. Think of the search engines as a popularity contest. If other sites that the search engines repect, link to yours, you become one of the popular sites. We improve your popularity with methods developed and honed over the past 10 years. 

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Free Technical Audit
We will analyze your on-page optimization, site speed, & search engine visibility. You will receive tips on how to improve your website and an estimate of what it will take to rank your site. We provide this as a courtesy, cost or obligation.
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On Site Optimization

Most websites fail to tell search engines the terms they wish to rank for, in ways that they require, and fail to keep up as requirements change. This is the most costly mistake of all! We address this on day 1.

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Links Optimization
We all know links are important, but not all links are treated the same. Google ranks sites based on Trust; getting links from trusted sites makes your site more relevant.
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Rank Tracking
We deliver a rank tracking report each month which is very detailed and charts your website’s  steady progress.
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Social Media Marketing

Our social media programs are run by a team with a decade of experience in social media marketing, domestically in the USA.

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Content Marketing
Broadcast your message. That’s the entire point of SEO & Social Media. We want to get your info in front of your potential customers. When you are the one they find over and over, you get the business.

What is SEO and why do you need it?

Simply stated, SEO is the process of telling search engines what your relevant search terms are – in the ways they require – and then going out and earning those rankings.

Google has become the epicenter of the information universe. It generates more revenue than all of the world’s advertising agencies combined. Having your business appear on the first page for any given search has infinite value.

People make buying decisions based on Google searches everyday. The volume of searches increases every day. If your business is not being found on the first page for your relevant terms, it is missing out. Those who are prominently displayed are receiving the windfall, and generating steady business as a result.

We find that many people are either intimidated by the concept of SEO and its intangible nature, and they simply don’t know who to trust. We are often able to come overcome these hurdles in one phone call.

Why Choose Us?

Successful SEO requires a significant investment in R&D. Internet search is driven by highly complex algorithms, which are adjusted daily. It is a very dynamic, ever-changing landscape, a “moving dart board”. Our team has more than 20 years combined experience of honing its dart throwing strategies. Our research and development efforts never sleep.

Our track record demonstrates our competence: we have achieved nearly 90,000 first page search results for several hundred clients over the years, from dirt farmers to rocket scientists. Many have told us this is the best marketing money they ever spent.

Another aspect which sets us apart is our ability to translate the “tech-babble” into language you can easily understand. This can be demonstrated in one brief phone call. Let us answer your questions and concerns, and help de-mystify the concept of SEO.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do is Take Action!

Over these 10 years we have been contacted by a high number of business owners who were curious about SEO, but remained indecisive. Most of them eventually closed their doors. We were trained by the late Chet Holmes, who stressed that one of the key traits of successful business owners is Decisiveness. SEO is the key to effective advertising on the internet, which has quickly become the greatest advertising platform the world has ever known. It is time to take action and execute an SEO strategy.

How Important is Each SEO Related Action?

Link Building 95%
On Site Optimization 80%
Social Media Marketing 85%
Keyword Research 90%
Video Optimization 70%
Getting Reviews 40%
Blogging 15%
Page Speed 90%
Content 75%

Our Capabilities

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Google Partner Agency
Being a Google partner means we have a better understanding of how to create an effective adwords, remarketing, video marketing and display advertising campaign thats both effective and efficient.
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On Page Optmization
I have optimized hundreds of sites for tens of thousands of keywords. I understand what works and what does not. I understand what information is miss information and what actually happens.
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Local Listings Expertise
I deliver local listings results every single day. I have taken people from the bottom of the listings to the top over and over again, I can do this for you.
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Social Media Marketing
My social media person has been doing social media marketing since before twitter even existed. We have a deep understanding of the social networks and how to get you noticed.
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Page Speed Optimization
Making your website fast is not just a good idea any more, its now a prominent ranking factor. The faster we can make your site the better it will perform in the search results.
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We can drive all the traffic in the world but if the site does nothing to help you convert you will miss out on business. We help your site be more conversion friendly.

We specialize in SEO for your Local Business

Our local listings campaign gets you ranked in the Google, Yahoo & Bing Business Listings. Very few consumers venture beyond the top three – if you’re not there you are virtually invisible.

Find out what your website needs to rank at the top!

Is Your Website Smartphone Optimized?

In 2019 everyone has a smartphone and for many, they are replacing computers. The number of searches done on mobile devices increases daily. If your site is not properly optimized for mobile, consumers will pass you by. People live on their phones. The key is to be highly visible in ways that match the way consumers are searching.

It's Time to Bring Your Social Media Up to Speed

In our experience, most business owners are not active on social media, contrary to most of their audience. The key to marketing is to meet your prospect “where they are”, and that is the brilliance of social media marketing. We can help you stay in front of your audience on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google My Business on a daily basis. Our social media programs are run by a team with 10+ years of domestic USA experience.

Create a Google Ad campaign that works!

Being a Google Partner Agency means we had to pass a myriad of tests to understand the Google Adwords system…in most cases better than the tier one support staff at Google.

This means we are certified by Google to manage AdWords campaigns including specialized AdWords areas: Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Shopping, Video & Display Advertising and that we deliver significant enough performance to remain part of the program.

We see many campaigns that waste money on irrelevant keywords. The default Adwords setup will send you more bad traffic than good.

Scheduling is also important: does your business convert more during business hours? Don’t run ads when you are not open!

Location targeting is crucial. If you are in LA you probably don’t want calls from New York (unless you do).